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I am the Creator and Guide 

Identity designer

"Well of Ideas"  

Passionate traveler and mountain lover 

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"Průměrný učitel říká, dobrý učitel vysvětluje, výborný učitel předvádí a skvělý učitel inspiruje."

William Arthur Ward


Moje vize je být skvělý učitel, tvůrce, inspirovat a posouvat hranice sobě i jiným.

What I can offer: I am a creator.       of the beauty and uniqueness of the world and each person

I will teach you to look at yourself differently, see yourself nicely and authentically, your gifts, discover talents and develop  your business, see it broadly and see the possibilities around you. Seeing yourself as a creator who can do whatever he wants.
Whether it will be for you and a good feeling, or for your work or the development of your creative work, that's up to everyone. If you will create as a freelancer and develop a business or develop your potential and your business in some areas. Anyway, you will look at yourself differently. You will perceive your self-worth, your beauty and authenticity. We all have our own potential and it's beautiful for us when you feel good about yourself and you feel good, you spread it. Being inspired by someone and then inspiring others is always cool.
It opens our eyes and we see from different points of view, a lifelong process but it is a beautiful process. As a creator, I will gladly guide and support you, show you other angles of the soffit. Even one little thing can change your direction and it's worth it. 

I've been a little "psychologist" since I was little. I'm a Scorpio so it's no wonder, this sign is said to be highly intuitive and has a mosaic put together at such a speed that it can't be surprised itself. It was always very strange and I also always wondered if I was "normal" ... hahaha

After the early death of my grandparents at a young age, I also began to perceive very strongly the influence of psychosomatic causes of illness. I perceived words as strong thoughts and thought about their creation. For example, the word NE-MOC (I don't want to have power). I had no idea why I don't want medicine, I secretly throw it away and instead lie down and eat honey for example. 

Over time, many other perceptions came to me and my journey was to understand myself.

The path was both smooth and bumpy, always with great experiences and always to a great depth of self-knowledge.

Understand yourself, discover or rediscover your gifts, etc.

For a large part of my life, I was a businessman and managed several projects, where "psychology" was my daily bread in terms of negotiating terms and working with employees.

In the role of daughter, wife, mother, and now even grandmother, it is no different, one is constantly learning and discovering both one's patterns of behavior from one's family, as well as one's positive and negative sides.

Self-development is a matter of a lifetime and I think we are here to enjoy it, to perceive it, to see it, to hear it and to believe it...
Paradoxically, belief in anything and especially in ourselves is our biggest task and perhaps the most difficult.
Doubting yourself, not trusting your intuition... maybe there was a subject for that in school, because we are all very good at that.

Over time, I  went through self-development and therapy courses, learned other techniques, began to understand and use alternative methods even more.

I have also always been a lover of music, travel and photography. I've been playing the piano since the 1st grade, my artistic talent and delicacy were already evident there, which over time hid behind the "mask of a big girl" who can handle everything.
Unmasking (removing layers or peels) is a big life process for everyone, and I am no exception.

Photois my passion, a form of self-expression and relaxation, I like to capture reality and emotions.
I love the joyful or surprised expressions in the eyes that materialize by capturing the moment...

When I take a portrait, I want to capture the most beautiful moment when a person is relaxed and being themselves...

The design is related to each photo, I stick to the motto:
"Beauty in simplicity." I especially love black and white.

Coachingand the photo shoot merged intoPortrait therapy.
It's fascinating how a photo that makes you look and feel good can do absolute wonders on your self-development journey.

Web designandRebrandingsomehow naturally joined my portfolio within the framework of cooperation with clients. The vision was to photograph it exactly as I see it in the final design. I found out that I also enjoy this work.
Ideas, development or change of business and identity setting
they blend beautifully in everything.


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