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And you know why? Because the wisdom of our soul, intuition, involvement of the mind and creativity, as best we can do it ourselves. If we don't give space to our fear, we are all resourceful, we can deal with everything and the best way we can do it ourselves.


Liška is wise, resourceful, a good mother and her fear is taken care of, she calmly looks you cheekily in the eyes and tests you. He is a very good teacher. That is why it is very important to "catch the fox and look it in the eyes". 

It is no coincidence that she is always depicted this way in fairy tales.  The Tale of the Quick Fox, 

resist what we resist, there is more, blindfold, see and epos, observe and keep calm and in emotions with breath

thoughts invade and invade us at 

consciously cut the thread let them go, don't hold them, stop solving, don't be afraid and don't pay attention

let go of the past, new decisions for the future, victory over oneself

Grab the fox by the tail 
or catch me if you can

Of course you can...

"Grab the fox by the tail", she is wise and cunning, but also a mother who will not leave her cubs until they gain the strength and courage to go out into the world. You need courage and wit to catch her, accept her and make her want to spend time with you.  Collect your prints and see what you put together...  _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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